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auto parts online store

I had a great experience recently with The part arrived promptly and I took it to my local auto shop. Total repair with part – about $100. Dealer quote $325.

If you need a bunch of stuff, you might want to order one item. They’ll send you emails with discounts every week.

buying extra lease miles- is it worth it?

I used to lease back in the good old days with unlimited miles. Then they started charging based on how many miles you use. It’s a crap shoot.  What I recommend is that you look at the last 3 years of mileage for an average and if your driving will be about the same, then use that number to buy. It’s definitely more costly to pay later than when you first lease, but you don’t want to buy too much extra either.

If you don’t track your miles for business, it’s easy enough to get an idea by looking at your service records for oil changes.

Car shopping is a real pain- or is it?

I can’t stand shopping for cars- at least that’s the way I used to feel. Then I was referred to Kim Dean at Sheehan Auto Direct. Now my friends and I have been shopping there since the early 90’s and as a group, we’ve purchased over 50 cars from her!

Why? You just call and say what you want. If you want to test drive, she’ll arrange it at a nearby dealer- no icky sales pitches to listen to. If you know what you want, she’ll give you a price, handle all the paperwork, and arrange for pick up at a nearby dealer. IT’S SO EASY and saves me tons of time .

Call Kim at 954-785-8175.


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